Muszáj kalózok

Pierrot: Muszáj-kalózok (A Caribbean pirate adventure)

Second, revised edition

Year of publication: 2020

Publisher: Főnix Könyvműhely


A childhood dream comes true for young John Tobair when he sets sail to the legendary Caribbean on board of a merchant ship. Just before reaching land, mutiny breaks out on the ship. Tobair, together with the dismissed captain Inch, are left behind on a tiny, inhabited island. But the old sea dog and the smart, resourceful young man would not dream of giving up. They soon discover that the island has its secrets – and the hair-raising events begin! While they have no choice but to live the outcast life of pirates, they find new friends and embark on a series of adventures. Outsmarting local tyrants and intriguers, the small team proves the power of courage, loyalty and true love. An intriguing story in a fabulous archipelago, which takes a surprising turn on every page.

This is the second, revised edition of the novel by Hungarian game developer Pierrot, now without the Playmobil illustrations of the 2016 release.