Pierrot – Gábor Endre: Magister M


Year of publication: 2013

Publisher: Alexandra publishing


Hidden treasures in Sopianae…
An ornamented bracelet from the heritage of a medieval poet…
A missing codex…
Jonathan Hunt investigates in the historical city of Pécs.

Archeological excavations have been continuously going on at the ruins of the royal palace in Visegrád, the former seat of Hungarian kings. One day the remains of a man are discovered, walled up in a tiny cell inside the 15-century fortress wall. The bones of the prisoner would not be a big sensation – but the inscription he carved on the wall before he died startles archeologists: Magister M 1872 Pécs – 1488 Visegrád. How can anybody be born 400 years after his death? Is it some mistake or just another case of perfect fossil forgery? This is for Jonathan Hunt to find out. The journalist of New York Times, who settled in Hungary after his first case in Eger with Yoomurjak’s ring, travels to Pécs this time to investigate the mystery. While trying to find clues he comes upon a legend about an ancient Roman treasure that once inspired the imagination of Hungarian poet Janus Pannonius as well in the 15th century.

Jonathan’s new acquaintances react strangely to the news of the Visegrád discovery. Someone is not telling the truth. Is it the gallant but obtrusive museum director? The wealthy art collector? The pretty but mistrustful archeologist lady? Or the boy from the boarding school who claims to possess a piece of professor Ábray’s destroyed time machine?

The third episode of Jonathan Hunt’s adventures takes you to historic places, across multiple time-streams, as usual.