Born Tamás Z. Marosi (Budapest, 1969)

Hungarian pop singer-songwriter, music producer and game designer


Pierrot (Tamás Z. Marosi) was born in Budapest in 1969. His creativity and talent for music was realized very early. Pierrot founded his first amateur pop band when he was 14 and his first studio recording took place in 1986.

In the first part of his career as a singer (1989–1995) he was famous of wearing a commedia dell’arte-style clown mask, covering half of his face only.

As a producer and composer, he has created over 40 music albums, including those performed by himself. A large number of his productions have gone golden and platinum in Hungary, with many top hits. This includes Ganxsta Zolee & Kartel’s album K.O. (2017) which went double platina and won Fonogram – Hungarian Music Awards in 2018.

Pierrot established his music publisher company Private Moon Productions (1994), later Private Moon Records. They started as an independent firm, and then became label of Sony Music and subsequently EMI.

As a supporter of talented young musicians, Pierrot has been producer and/or jury member of a number of singer talent shows on Hungarian television (e.g. Megasztár, Eurovision Song Contest)

He became engaged in video game development in 1997 when he started his second company Private Moon Interactive – later Private Moon Studios. The initial idea of his adventure game series AGON was born in 1998. The concept, scenario, game design, 2D graphics, sound and music have been Pierrot’s personal fields of responsibility from the start.

Yoomurjak’s Ring, a full-length interactive movie is also a Private Moon production (international edition: 2009). This FMV (full motion video) game won first prize at the Hungarian eFestival in the category of interactive story-telling. The second sequel, titled MIAZMA or the Devil’s Stone was released in Hungarian in 2015, localized to English in 2017. Jonathan Hunt’s adventures are available in a series of novels as well, co-authored by Pierrot.

Pierrot has been also involved in several other types of game projects, such as board games, edutainment games and interactive and city-discovery games for select Hungarian touristic destinations.

As a board game developer, he released a playable book with 24 ancient, abstract strategy board games in 2012. Some of these, such as the Royal Game of Ur and Alquerque have been also adapted to iPad.

In 2016, Pierrot releases his first commercially available tabletop board game titled Destination: Treasure Island, followed by Rejtély a babaházban (Mystery in the Dollhouse, 2017) and Répáskert (Carrot Yard, 2018), Underground Panic (2019).


Private Moon Studios is a Hungarian game development company with an impressive portfolio of computer games, tabletop board games and touristic games. They released their first computer adventure in 2003, followed by the trilogy Agon – The Mysterious Codex and The Lost Sword of Toledo. Their award-winning FMV title Yoomurjak’s Ring and its new sequel Miazma or the Devil’s Stone are Jonathan Hunt Adventures. The Company’s CEO and creative director Tamás Z. Marosi (aka Pierrot) is also a popular musician and music producer in his home country; many of his works are featured in Private Moon Studios’ products.