Pierrot - Gábor Endre: Az ördög köve (Devil's Stone)

Pierrot - Gábor Endre: Az ördög köve



Released: 2012
Publisher: Alexandra
Edition: Hungarian





1407: the unaccountable destruction of a village…
Secret of the bolide falling from the sky…
Fortune-hunters against scientists…
Jonathan Hunt from New York Times returns…

Two years after his brilliant investigation in Eger, the hero of Yoomurjak’s Ring visits the city of Debrecen where he comes upon another mystery. He meets an attractive young nuclear physicist lady and her hot-headed younger brother, but shortly after the boy disappears. Again, the traces lead to the past. All the information Jonathan finds in libraries, museums, old manuscripts and various correspondence point to a peculiar phenomena of nature. The legacy of a legendary professor of the Debrecen university, known as the „Hungarian Faust”, reveals that centuries ago the scholar examined a stone from the outer space and found that it contained an enormous piece of diamond. The hunt for the valuable treasure has lasted since then. The odd is huge: Jonathan discovers that the deadly „miasma” encapsulated in the crystal could easily destroy the entire mankind.

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